A.I. Computing Power Resource Network Designed for the Future

Next-Generation Blockchain A.I. Ecology.
Maximize The Positive and Transformative Impact of A.I.
Bring blockchain scenarios to a whole new level.

How it works

With Blockchain decentralized technology , we re-designed a network , connecting computing power of the world , build a better tomorrow for A.I.

Auto ML

A suite of machine learning products that enables developers with limited machine learning expertise to train high-quality models specific to your business needs, by leveraging transfer learning, and Neural Architecture Search technology.
Custom model , migration learning , neural search network.

ML Engine

HAI ML Engine host service. A auto Resource provisioning and monitoring engine.
Support Multiple Frameworks scikit-learn, XGBoost, Keras, TensorFlow models.Real-time prediction hosting, no Docker container required.


A next-generation stunning High-speed AI chip. HPU, accelerates training model in machine learning. MUCH More efficient than former CPUs and GPUs.
HAI AutoML is the best machine learning environment compatible with HAI HPU

HAI is a operation environment designed for A.I. High performance , Low-cost hardware and software architecture.

HAI chain provides sufficient computing resources, for custom model , migration learning , neural search network , to make HAI AutoML structure evolvable and optimizable.

We created a new stack for AI computing resources network.

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Find out why HAI Chain can be

the game changer in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

A.I. become more powerful than every before when with blockchain.

HAI Chain used the decentralized technology of blockchain to ensure that the large-scale AI computing network build is neutral.

We create an encrypted artificial intelligence computing network for enterprises, which is of great value to enterprises that require artificial intelligence services.

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HAI Auto ML Core Features

The large-scale AI computing power network proposed by HAI Chain will have the following features

Ready to use

Custom model , migration learning , neural search network. HAI AutoML is more evolvable and optimizable.

Large scale

HAI’s unique hardware and software architecture for AI computing is ready for future large-scale AI computing needs.

High performance

The next-generation stunning High-speed AI chip , accelerates training model in machine learning. More efficient than former CPUs and GPUs.

Low cost

By training and running multiple experiments in our super-nodes, developers only need to focus on model development and deployment without worrying about infrastructure issues, HAI ML Engine do all resource provisioning and monitoring automatically.


You can also import scikit-learn, XGBoost, Keras, and TensorFlow models that have been trained anywhere for fully-managed, real-time prediction hosting ,no Docker container required.

Easy to use

AutoML is a suite of machine learning products that enables developers with limited machine learning expertise to train high-quality models specific to your business needs by transfer learning and neural architecture search technology.

Got you Wherever you need.

  • Easily retrieve the entire network of computing power resources.

  • Deploy fully automatically.

  • Adapt to geodetic needs continuously

Mainstream Capitals Settlement
New partners
New Cooperation In New Territories and New Markets
APAC Headquarter
Aiming Asian Pacific and China Mainland Market.

Usable & Sharable

Only sharing the data in the same structure or format that makes it usable. Change the status of data silos . Make data sharing a reality.

Valuable & Immutable

blockchains’ most significant advantage , immutability , we can eliminate redundant data , make all data more valuable than before..

Exchangable & Implementational

Resource exchange center , make cooperation between different subjects in the chain.

Awesome Team

HAI Chain Technical team is a team of experts, backed by top-tier investors.

Ben Wilson

Chief Technical Officer

Logan Echolls

Chief Product Officer

Liam Gagnon

Director of Engineering


Download WhitePaper 白皮书下载

For more detailed information of our project and distribution, please download complete whitepaper below.

Frequently Questions

Here are some common questions about HAI Chain and HAI token.

Where can I get HAI Chain token?

HAI Chain token is avalible on Bit-Z Trading Platform and ZBG Global Exchange now.

What are the objectives of this token?

HAI Chain token , HAI , will be use as a proof contribution in the computing resource network between supplies and demands.

What can I get with HAI Chain token?

It's the very early stage of HAI Chain development, you can help us set up as many supernodes as possbile to strength the first testnet of the whole project.

What is the public test start date?

We are working on our pace to the track. We will announce at the first time on official website. Or you can subscribe to our mailing list and get the newest information.

How may I take part in the project?

HAI Chain is now still in development stage. If you have passion in joining us , please get to us via contact@hangkei.ai.

Latest News

Latest News

HAI Token Upgrade Announcement

We focus on the development of computing power. from the most direct side, to meet the development of future AI.

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